Paste Adhesives

General Instructions for Storage and Use


This adhesive must be stored at (minus) –40°C (°F) or colder at all times. Storing this adhesive at temperatures warmer than (minus) –40°C (°F) may alter the adhesives’ properties and shorten its work life. DO NOT RE-FREEZE adhesive that has already been thawed!


Adhesive must reach room temperature before use. Remove syringes from freezer. Place syringes on end for thawing. See chart below for thaw time based on syringe size:

1cc 5 minutes
3cc 10 minutes
5cc 15 minutes
10cc 20 minutes
** NOTE: To accelerate thaw time, place syringes in front of an air blower or fan. This will reduce the thaw time by approximately 50%. Remove all condensation from syringes prior to use.
Make sure that all surface areas to be bonded are free of any contamination. If parts have been solvent cleaned make sure solvent is dried before applying adhesive.

Check the work life of the adhesive, on the technical data sheet. Adhesives must be used within the work life time period. The adhesives’ properties will change (usually thicken) if it is used past the allowable work life. Apply adhesive using dispensing equipment of choice. Contact Bondline Technical Service with questions about dispensing adhesives.

Choose a Cure Option (time & temperature) from the Bondline technical data sheet. Preheat the oven to the temperature of the selected cure option. For optimum cure, do not deviate from the selected cure option. Be sure to allow additional time for holding fixtures to reach cure temperature. Avoid opening oven doors during cure. Large fixtures and/or multiple fixtures may require extended cure time.

Review the adhesive Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using. Refer to the SDS in case of emergency. Always wear protective gloves and goggles while handling adhesives. Only work with adhesives in well-ventilated areas, with curing ovens vented outside. For industrial use only.

For recommendations and help with any aspect of adhesive applications please contact the Bondline Technical Service Department (408) 830-9200.